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Friday, July 02, 2004

Those Crazy Iraqis! 

Following the handover of Iraq this week, the Iraq embassy in Washington D.C. raised its flag for the first time since 1990. However discord remained when the Iraqi diplomats raised the traditional Iraq flag instead of the new flag chosen by the Coalition Provisional Authority. The Iraqi people have not warmed to the new flag. How odd. I wonder why.

Maybe because...
It was selected by the US.
Iraqi people have no say in it.
The designer, although Iraqi, lives in Britain.
All the other Arab league flags include black and red except Djibouti and Somalia.
It bears no resemblance to the old flag.
It looks a lot like this:

Nah, they raised the old flag because they're difficult. Don't they want democracy?!?

Iraqi Flag Raised Over Washington Embassy [AP]
Flap over new Iraq flag [AP]
New Iraq flag: Designer speaks out [CNN]

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