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Friday, April 02, 2004

Memo to Calacanis: It's Not All About You 

Seems to me that almost every blog entry I read from Jason Calacanis goes something like this:

"me me me me, Denton's out to get me, my blogs my blogs my blogs, I have inside information from some super secret blogger elite meeting, me me me."

So I was not at all surprised to see Mr. Calacanis throw a hissy when in the first 12 hours of Kinja's launch, his tech blog Engadget was not front and center in the compilations:
It seems Nick Denton's Kinja.com is blocking Engadget.com posts... nice. First Topix.net bans all Weblogs, Inc. sites and now Denton.

Turns out that Kinja's crawler was having a problem and that explains the lack of Engadget posts (which is to be expected at the begining of a launch). You mean there's not huge conspiracy against WIN? Returning to the 90210 metaphor, Calacanis is definately the paranoid Dylan of this drama. Will Mark Cuban and Choire Sicha organize an intervention to end the madness a la Cindy and Jim Walsh? Developing...

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