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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I Will Start a Brothel of Female Bloggers in the Basement of Soho House. Muhahah! 

Standard Deviance's favorite whipping boy, Jason McCabe Calacanis, is making overt moves on Ana Marie Cox (better known as Wonkette). Our spies tell us he's courted her before, but never out in the open for our amusement:
Ana Marie Cox scored a huge scoop last week when she got the jump on the DC sex blogger "Washingtonienne." She went on to take the story to an unprecedented level when she posted the photo of her during a night on the town with the now famous 'Tonienne...

Wow... like, uhhh... wow.

That is what I call dedication! AMC, hit me on the AIM (jasoncalacanis) and let's do lunch... I'll jump on the shuttle.
First off, who knew the cable channel American Movie Classics was named after Wonkette. Cool! Secondly, EW, what the hell, jump on the shuttle? Like he and Ana are going to ride together to the heights of bloggerdom on her rising star. Ew, grossly phallic.

Oh. Wait a minute. He meant the Delta Shuttle from New York to DC. Okay I have a dirty mind. Nevermind.

Wonkette gone wild... [The Jason Calacanis Weblog]

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