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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Love to Link You Baby 

I slaved all night over a hot stove yesterday preparing a lovely post for my readers only to have the post overheat and explode, thus I am without my usual wittiness today. So, as I always do when I'm desperate, I present you with some linkage. Enjoy.
  • It appears that as I was passed over for the New York Post article on female bloggers, I have been similarly passed over by the WYSIWYG Talent Show featuring "The Hottest Women of Blog". It is true the event consists of female bloggers sharing their "first time" stories, which thus requires the blogger to write about herself, something I am not particularly good at nor inclined to do. It is also true that to be considered for this reading the blogger needed to submit a piece beforehand which, of course, I did not. But still, there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with a group that does not include Standard Deviance being crowned "The Hottest Women in Blog". Despite this large LARGE oversight, I will attend the reading to enjoy the lovely prose of Eurotrash, Nichelle, and Lindsay Lindsayism. However I will be sulking in the back with a large drink in my hand. I encourage you all to attend as well, if only to watch me fume. May 18, 7:30pm. [via Eurotrash]
  • Turns out the Democratic National Convention is giving press credentials to some bloggers. Maybe some of the New York bloggers will be able to storm the Republican convention. That'd be fun. [Boston Globe]
  • Bob Zmuda is planning a party for Andy Kaufman this Sunday with hopes that Andy faked his death and will return. Sunday is 20 years to the day that Andy "died" and Kaufman said that if he was faking his death he would return 20 years later. Tony Clifton will be there, one way or another. [WP]
  • The world's most famous racing sausage, Mandy Block of the Milwaukee Brewers, has decided to retire. Ms. Block was the woman inside the sausage costume that was hit over the head with a bat by Randall Simon of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mandy's retirement has nothing to do with the sausage scandal; she plans on taking psychology classes. [AP]

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