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Thursday, July 01, 2004

File this in the Obsessive-Compulsive Category. 

Our friends over at New Yorkish have been following the ever-extending empire of Gothamist King and Queen Jake Dobkin and Jen Chung. So far Gothamist has launched Chicagoist, and have announced plans for LAist. New Yorkish discovered that Jake has registered more -ist domain names, including Bostonist and DCist. After reading New Yorkish's findings, we decided to do some investigative journalism (or cyberstalking) of our own. We searched the -ist domain names for the 50 largest US cities and found that in addition to -ist sites listed above, Jake has registered Denverist, Phillyist, and SFist. We also searched select international cities and found Torontoist and HongKongist. The Dobkin Empire has yet to register Tokyoist, and Londonist is taken by someone else.

We here at Standard Deviance have been mulling it over and we've decided we need to start our own empire of niche blogs. We've chosen a topic we have a lot of experience in: Mocking Nano Publishers. We're rolling out Calacanisist next month and following that we'll launch Dentonist, with Dobkinist coming out in 2005.

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